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Coffee Creek Landing Marina and RV Park located on the North East side of Lake Fork

Offering yearly RV spots, boat launching, bait and tackle and some of the best coffee around, along with a friendly face that will keep you coming back.

Come and see us you'll have a great time!



While Lake Forks the premier bass fishing lake in Texas it also has a lot more to explore. Wildlife is what I'm talking about, if you really pay attention you might see a bald eagle as well as many other bird species, deer or other furry creatures, ever seen a nutria? We have em. A turtle the size of a VW hood has been spotted, he must be 100 years old. If your real lucky you might see an alligator, we don't recommend that you pet them though. So while your here take some time to look around you might be amazed at what you'll see. 

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